I am not freelancer and having permanent job, can I register for matching?2019-06-11T12:05:57+09:00

Yes. Consultant having permanent job can also register for project matching.

However, depends on actual situation of cases may prior for consultant who is freelance or immediate available.

Any charges is required for registration charge or assignment successful case?2019-06-11T12:06:51+09:00

Any services for consultant is free of charge.

What kind of cases is available in ConsulShip?2019-06-11T12:07:29+09:00

ConsulShip mainly gather ERP implementation and IT consulting case from leading company and major firm. Moreover, not only IT related cases, we also having business management consulting case.

Can open client company name and project detail?2019-06-11T12:08:06+09:00

In order to protect privacy, ConsulShip do not disclose Registered consultant information, Client company name and project detail on website. Information keep closed until direct interview schedule was confirmed.

Is assignment be guaranteed?2019-06-11T12:08:51+09:00

ConsulShip guaranteed to based on consultant’s requirement and actual experience to provide best matching service. However, depends on availability at registration period, ConsulShip may not able to provide suitable case and assignment chance in short time.

I am living abroad. Can I register for case matching?2019-06-11T12:09:40+09:00

Yes. ConsulShip having global network and focus on Asia. Living in Japan or in other country is also welcome to register for matching.

Is any restriction on age?2019-06-11T12:10:29+09:00

ConsulShip registration have to over the age of 18 years, and no upper limit. Depends on cases and assignment region may have different age limitation.

What kind of support ConsulShip will provide after assignment?2019-06-11T12:11:09+09:00

After assigned in project, ConsulShip also support consultant for current project, human relationship, and also future career path. Please feel free to contact your dedicated coordinator.

I don’t have any related certification. May I register as consultant?2019-06-11T12:12:53+09:00

Yes, certification is an easy understand standard but ConsulShip and client also consider experience is important. At the other side, fresh graduate, and looking for career change, consultant lack of experience is also welcome. ConsulShip will support to develop your career path.

Can claim expenses if under assignment?2019-06-11T12:13:31+09:00

Depends on actual situation and client offer, ConsulShip will help to adjust necessary travel and accommodation expenses in package.

When is regular remuneration transfer?2019-06-11T12:14:09+09:00

After end of month, remuneration will be transferred at the begin of next month.

Is possible to assign by corporate contract?2019-06-11T12:14:45+09:00

Corporate contract is available for sole proprietorship owner.

How long is contract period?2019-06-11T12:15:20+09:00

Depends on actual situation, shortest term contract can be 3 months short, and long term can be 2~5 years or even longer.

How about working place, dress code, working hour arrangement?2019-06-11T12:15:52+09:00

Basically, follow assigned client arrangement and rules. If consultant have special requirement, please feel free to contact ConsulShip coordinator.

This is the first time to work as freelancer, any issue about tax and law I have to handle?2019-06-11T12:17:01+09:00

If necessary, ConsulShip can transfer consultant to related accountant and lawyer. If any cases or situation that is difficult to disclose to accountant and lawyer. Please feel free to contact ConsulShip coordinator for further support.

Will my personal data disclose or leak to third party?2019-06-11T12:21:44+09:00

ConsulShip consider personal data protection is the most important issue. Any personal information received will be protected by appropriate safe management. And personal information only to be used within ConsulShip for cases matching, technical seminar, and client recruitment. And only necessary information will be disclosed between client and consultant side.