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Reconstruction of Infrastructure system
(Global ERP template)

Projects recruiting new member, 1) global PMO; 2) Senior level consultant experienced on SAP Logistics System (PP/SD, WM, and more)

SAP Template implementation support

Recruiting a senior application specialist (ERP package) to support SAP template implementation (target system: NEC ACOS + VB) of SAP PP/PLM Global.

Recruiting SAP/HANA implementation
support member for any fields

Recruiting SAP and HANA implementation support and development in charge for various fields including FI, CO, MM, SD and ABAP. Several vacancies are available for application.


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I am Consulting Firm’s partner, well experienced on Sales and IT Strategy project. I registered for matching in ConsulShip. When other consulting service company, and ex-colleague also replied that matching is not easy at that time. ConsulShip replied me there is an exclusive case that logistics company looking for IT investment and road map strategy design, and my resume was submitted! After 8 months, I engaged successfully.

ConsulShip having internal project assignment, and also support sales activity with me. I feel comfort and able to focus on my career!

T. A. (Freelance)

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